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Grangefield School

We delivered:

“Creating a new design for something that’s long established and recognised provides its own challenges. We were thrilled the SMT were open to our ideas for the new owl design and style of the website. It’s proving to successfully stand the test of time and provides Grangefield School with a primary school brand that sets them apart.”
Jason Tawn

The school

Grangefield School is situated in the heart of Bishop’s Cleeve, a rapidly growing area with three other good/excellent Ofsted rated primary schools in close proximity.

“When I took up my role the school was on the cusp of having plans for expansion signed off by the LEA. The school’s branding, which hadn’t evolved from when it first opened, was clearly not going to help us successfully market the school or fit with our exciting vision. It was essential we undertook an extensive redesign of all our branding and marketing material.”

Karen Lewis, Head Teacher, Grangefield School.

School signage branding design for Grangefield School Gloucestershire
School logo branding design for Grangefield School Gloucestershire

Our brief

To create a primary school brand identity, marketing material and website fit for the future of the school.

The school’s original owl logo was considered by all to be ‘twee’, so needed a fresh face. The school website also hadn’t changed from the opening of the school. Furthermore the school’s office team were reliant on their website provider for any updates. A complete overhaul was required.

The process

The school owl was a recognised symbol for the school and, along with the school strap line ‘Flying high. Spreading our wings’, much loved by pupils and staff. We recreated the owl in a more modern guise, enabling it to be easily and cost-effectively reproduced across uniform, in print and online.

All the pupils were then involved in helping staff identify a set of values they felt represented their learning environment. We designed a suite of stationery, marketing material and signage that brought it all to life.

For their school website, the SMT were keen to continue the vector graphic style of the new logo as a visual link. The clean style of the website, with a highlights carousel the main feature of the home page, sets the website apart from many others.

“The guys guided us through the launch process and provided us with an excellent product. Communication was, and still is, easy and responses are fast. The design of the website is excellent and it’s straight forward for us to upload new information. They continue to support us with maintaining and developing our primary school brand and website further.”

Karen Lewis, Head Teacher.

School folder branding design for Grangefield School Gloucestershire