Gloucestershire Schools

The Abbey School

We delivered:

“The change in visual style for The Abbey School was dramatic. But from the outset it was clear it was a success. The modern prospectus and stunning photography offered a much more accurate reflection of daily life. And helped elevate the first impressions of the school within a highly competitive local environment.”
Duncan Gilroy

Our brief

To undertake a full rebranding exercise for the school, helping to change perceptions and improve future marketing success. The final outputs being a modern brochure, marketing collateral and website.

School branding design for The Abbey School
School branding banner stand design for The Abbey School

The process

In-depth briefing included research sessions with parents, staff and pupils to help build an accurate picture of school life. Most insightful were the facilitated conversations with the pupils, which showed just how broad their weekly schedules were. It was evident the new branding material had to reflect this.

We directed three days of photography across the school, capturing life both inside and outside the classroom. And re-edited existing copy to better reflect the evolved offering.

A phase of concept design followed, where we considered suitable styles and visual assets for the new school look. The subsequent design took on a much more modern feel. Photography was put centre stage. With the narrative reflecting the wide range of activity undertaken during the girls’ time at school. This was executed across school prospectus, website and a suite of offline marketing material.

“The guys showed clear strategic thinking, alongside the imaginative and creative execution in the development of the school prospectus and website. Top Qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative.”
Sue Gutierrez, (ex)Marketing and Communications Manager