Gloucestershire Schools

The anatomy of a good school website home page

The home page of a school website serves a number of purposes, including;

  • It provides a first impression of the school and its brand, to those who have no experience of the school.
  • It sets the web visitor’s expectations, not only in terms of the school and its values, but their expectations of what the rest of the website is going to be like.
  • It acts as a set of sign posts to the most relevant content. Visitors can easily browse, or, go straight to what they’re looking for.
  • It offers the school an opportunity to immediately capture the web visitor’s attention and share with them some important and / or engaging information.
  • It must enable the web visitor to easily get in touch.

Below is a snap shot of a school website we’ve delivered for Grangefield School.

The school website received glowing reviews and acts as a hub of the school’s communications with a range of stakeholders.

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